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Mezzaluna Pizza Rocker has

Multipurpose Blade

The Mezzaluna Pizza Rocker Cutter boasts a unique multipurpose design, inspired by the traditional Italian mezzaluna knife. This innovative setup allows for effortless rocking motion, making cutting through pizzas, flatbreads, quesadillas, and even herbs and vegetables easier and quicker.

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Redefining Pizza Cutting Experience!





Precision Cutting

Say goodbye to uneven slices! The sharp stainless-steel blades ensure precise and clean cuts every time, giving you perfectly portioned slices for a delightful dining experience.

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Comfort Grip Handle

We prioritize your comfort and safety. The Mezzaluna Pizza Rocker Cutter features an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip. It allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure, reducing strain on your wrist and ensuring a secure hold while cutting.

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What They Say About Us

Missing cover When I bought this it came with a very flimsy clear vinyl cover, and not the usual black rubber cover you get with other mezzalunas. I checked on Amazon today, and this item is no longer available. Honestly very annoying because there is no way to contact the vendor New Life Essentials. I regret buying this crap.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Outstanding This has probably become one of my favorite gadgets. Used to hate drying out spices in order to break them apart. This item, however, has changed that process. Now the hardest part of cutting up parsley is just opening the box to take this bad boy out.
Karin M
Karin M
Safe & Easy To Use! I purchased this particular Mezzaluna Knife as a gift for my son and his wife.I chose it for several different reasons:It is a full metal body knife so no rivets or separate handles that might come loose. The handles are contoured so hands won't easily slip off while using.It's made of high carbon steel so it will last forever.It comes with a protective rocker knife guard.It comes packaged in a sturdy box that is suitable to use for storing the knife.I chose wisely and they absolutely love it! They have reported that it is easy to use. It's very sharp and easily cuts pizza as well as a variety of vegetables and fruits.I highly recommend purchasing this particular rocker blade knfe!
Mom of three ;)
Mom of three 😉
Awesome So awesome for pizza, herbs, fruit/veggies and more. Highly recommend!
L. R. Smith
L. R. Smith
YaoWWWWZA!! This bad boy will take your finger off!! I cut through 2 steaks (stacked) with barely any force from me!! It cut into perfect cubes in about 1 minute!! Definitely worth the money!
A great value for the money and the best way to cut a pizza This cutter easily handled a deep dish original and was safe and easy to use. No more burned fingers from trying to slice through a thick cut pizza
Octavio DaCosta
Octavio DaCosta
Sharp blade that is fun to use The rocking motion of this knife with its sharp blade makes it very easy to use to slice through a pizza in one move.
T. S. Cimino
T. S. Cimino
Works just as expected! Died what it's supposed to do.
David Johnson
David Johnson
Well made We love this rocker. I can attest it’s sharp. It feels properly weighted and strong. Have used it for all sorts of cuts. Like pizza, breadsticks, chicken, etc.
Works as advertised It works Pizza

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