Top 5 Reasons You Need a Mezzaluna/Pizza Cutter Knife in Your Kitchen

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Mezzaluna/Pizza Cutter Knife in Your Kitchen

Have you ever thought about the importance of knives? Every kitchen is pretty much incomplete without one or more of these useful servants, yet dangerous masters. Knives are as old as old can be. They share a fair part in our everyday life from cooking, cutting, and dare I say self-defence.
Through cutting, slicing and dicing and all the other things, the knife has been a dear and indispensable companion. It would be impossible to eliminate the knife from our lives, as it has earned its place forever.
Knives come in different types, shapes and sizes. Today, we would be talking about a knife of knives. THE MEZZALUNA PIZZA CUTTER KNIFE from New Life Elements.

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Mezzaluna is an Italian word which means “half-moon” as does this knife which features a curved blade (which is what makes it Mezzaluna) with handles at each end. The Mezzaluna is gradually becoming a people favourite (Held top spot at the Australian EBay for weeks). It won’t be out of place to own one in your kitchen anywhere in the world.

You may be wondering why so much fuss is being made over a mere metal blade. Well we’ll give you five good reasons why you should prepare your next meal with a Mezzaluna chopper.

Kitchen safety while under prioritised in many cases is of huge importance. Perhaps, a topic that should never be handled with levity. It is usually advised that every kitchen should have a fire extinguisher. Now while that is commendable, your kitchen could become a safer place if you would just get a MEZZALUNA (Not that it puts out fires 😊

You must have lived long enough to realise that most regular kitchen knives are not the safest piece of metals in the world. Remember that day you were slicing and dicing and suddenly, you discovered you had diced in some of your skin? Don’t stand there saying “yikes” Yes you remember that fateful day when your finger got on the wrong side of the knife.

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