New Life Elements Pizza Cutter

New Life Elements Pizza Cutter

New Life Elements a Company of Integrity

NEW LIFE ELEMENTS – Company of Integrity we Give away 10% of sales. Animals Australia & Turtle rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Bali. This amount will grow as our business grows. We do this to preserve animals protect then for future generations so they can actually see the animal not just read about them. We are doing this one product at a time. Something we all can achieve, only takes a few small changes can make. With customer’s like yourself buying our quality product’s you donate to a great cause so thank you. Without you we would not be able to continue to support this cause.

BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX- which can be stored safely in the drawer. Eco friendly, bio degradable and recyclable. A gift idea for friend’s, wedding present or just for yourself as it is a multi-purpose vegetable cutter. Birthday gift ideas. Anniversaries can be made personal by engraving. Company gift idea for staff.

MINIMAL TIME IN KITCHEN -With the ease of use this heavy-duty commercial grade, rocker cutter can be used outdoors at on a grill. This cutter has a SHARP blade, portable, reliable a specialist at dicing. Use a large cutting board as there is no need to buy a special board for it. this cutter is a large multi-purpose kitchen utensil. Eliminate time away from family with this time efficient food preparation tool. FDA approved.

420 HIGH-CARBON STAINLESS STEEL – This Mincing knife is a High carbon stainless steel pizza cutter made of premium quality. Also comes with a specially designed safety blade cover included so when you have finished, clean and dry place strip back on so eliminates the hazard of cutting anyone when stored in draw. I do not recommend any knifes go into a dishwasher as I feel they are harmful with the chemicals they use to certain steels

ALL ROUND KNIFE JUST NOT A PIZZA CUTTER – keep your pizza toppings in position is a breeze with this rocker cutter has multi-purpose functions as well. Easily chop, dice, slice, mince, vegetables fruits also desserts. A perfect addition to any kitchen. Ergonomic designed rounded comfortable grip, quality made for user friendly experience put both hands on the handles, the cutting edge is out of harm’s way. No need to be a chef of many years to have great knife skills. Then slice your Homemade Pizza like a PROFESSIONAL. Show your friends how easy this pizza cutter is to use. Easy to clean Also very high durability.

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