Mezzaluna Cutter Demonstration

Mezzaluna Cutter Demonstration

New Life Elements 

Not only a pizza cutter but A Mezzaluna knife
Mezzaluna pizza knife, 12″ carbon stainless steel, pizza cutter is light weight has dual handle, pizza slicer, herb dicer. Mezzaluna knife is great for chopping & dicing up salads. Safety blade cover for safe storage with a beautiful gift box included as this item has a very sharp blade.. This pizza knife is easy to use on fruit, vegetables, herbs also cheese. New Life Elements as we pride ourself on quality of product price our impact on people’s lives by making life easier.
BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX- with self-locking magnetic strip, which can be stored safely in the drawer. A gift for friends, family or just for yourself as it is a multi-purpose vegetable cutter.Valentine’s day. Birthday gift ideas. Anniversaries can be made personal by engraving. Company gift idea for staff. Awards. Business usage pizza parlour’s
MINIMAL TIME IN KITCHEN -With the ease of use this knife can be used outdoors at on a grill. As this cutter is a SHARP portable, reliable a specialist at dicing vegetables cutting pizzas, fruits an herb cutter or cheese. Use a large cutting board as this cutter is a large multi-purpose knife. All your fresh produce to be reduced to the desired size. Eliminate time away from family with this kitchen tool half your food preparation time.
420 HIGH-CARBON STAINLESS STEEL – This Mincing knife is a High carbon stainless steel pizza cutter made of premium quality. Also comes with a specially designed safety blade cover included so when you have finished, cleaned and dry place strip back on so eliminates the hazard of cutting anyone when stored in draw. Dishwasher safe
ELIMINATE CUTTING YOURSELF – With specially designed rounded comfortable grip half-moon knife, pizza slicer put both hands on the handles, the cutting edge is out of harm’s way. No need to be a chef of many years to have great knife skills. Then slice your Homemade Pizza like a PROFESSIONAL. Show your friends how easy this pizza cutter is to use. Easy to clean Also very high durability e is not limited to what you Can use it for as I will add more videos over the next few weeks on how to use ,clean and care for your knife.Feel free to Share this link subscribe also you can get one of your own Pizza slicer /Mezzaluna knife here.

“66% of men and 34% of women aged between 25-34 love this rocker cutter.
According to our survey our Mezzaluna is growing in popularity in California,Florida,New York,Texas and Pennsylvania just to name a few states”

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