About us

Our company believes in shared wealth helping out the planet.

Our company believes that all humans are equal.

Our company believes we can all make a difference in our lives also in others.

Our company believes we can change the planet one product at a time.

Our company believes that we can preserve animals through proper education.

Our company will make a difference.

new life elements sustainable pizza chopper pizza knife pizza cutter herb chopper

New Life Elements feel that we offer the best quality mezzaluna pizza cutter rocker blade with benefits to our customers. Some of our thoughts behind this product were to help parents educate children on the benefits of eating a balanced healthy diet for a great lifestyle. Children will learn quickly when you explain the benefits of each vegetable or piece of fruit you prepare while talking to your family.

With the thought that children could with their parents grow some herbs or fruits and vegetables. Together bonding and watching them grow then finally eating what they have produced.

This is our objective with this product as when a family spends time together they grow together, creating an awesome bond getting out in the garden together learning when to pick the fruits or vegetables they can cut up with your rocker knife safely.

Another way is to have a family day and prepare a few pizzas (everyone loves a pizza). But we also like different toppings. As a family, your could cut up capsicum or peppers from your own garden and work together with your family to create your very own custom pizza or flatbread to eat as a meal.


What fruits to grow when to plant also the benefits to their body. As we believe the education of our children eating habits will change the health of our generation slowly. less medical conditions for our loved ones. Which herbs and spices they can use in salads and meals and dice up with their herb cutter.

How cool would the children and parents feel when their children tell their mates that we grow our own vegetables to make our own types of pizza. But also know the benefits to their own bodies from what they have grown. We also would love to hear and see your creations. Also, don’t forget on the homepage is a code you can scan to get a free product from our company.

New Life Elements specialize in premium top-quality home kitchenware products for the household or to supply to the market. With our premium quality products at affordable prices. We currently specialize in home & kitchen goods.

New life elements pizza rocker cutter pizza chopper
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Founded in January 2017, we are using the most energy-efficient manufacturing procedures. With materials to cut our impact on the environment.

We also provide user-friendly designs for today’s products. At the best premium quality at the most reasonable price possible. We are an Australian Business based in Perth.

We donate a percentage of all profits to Animal, Educational, and Health programs. We pay it forward to help others around the world.

New Life Elements believes that business is about more than money. It’s about the quality not the number of our products we bring onto the marketplace. We test our products after they manufactured. Then we see how we can improve through quality feedback from our clients. The integrity of our business makes us stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on customer service. I would also like to thank Design A business website  for making my awesome small Perth business website their customer service and hosting options were great the team is very friendly.


Some of the Ethical businesses that we donate to are. Animals Australia also John Fawcett Foundation. One product at a time we are making a difference.

Animals Australia does an awesome job for Animals all around the world.

Check out their website for more details link here https://www.animalsaustralia.org/ . The John Fawcett Foundation is an ethical business we also like to support as it returns sight to the blind.

Check out their website here http://johnfawcett.org/ .

Another site we support is EWF Global -educating the world for free. Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/educatingfree/
We love to show people they can make a difference no matter how small a change you make. To help reverse some of the problems we have created as a human race.

Little steps we all can take to improve our own impact on the environment which is our biggest attribute. There are many ways to achieve this
When you buy our product from our Company. You are helping to make a difference to our planet in more ways than one so thank you.

We also believe in value for money. So thank you for being a loyal customer. Also, feel free to leave customer reviews it helps our business to grow. Thank you for supporting and making a difference in so many ways by buying a product. Have an awesome day!




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