New Life Elements – We can make you a pro in the kitchen with a world class cut in every Blade

This is a great addition to your kitchen tools! Mezzaluna Knife & Pizza Rocker Cutter 12 Inch. Stainless Steel Double Handle Crescent Chopper Blade various uses range from Pizza Flatbread, Vegetable, Salad & Herb Mincer, Slicer, & Dicer as well as fruit cutting.
Commercial Quality Premium Kitchen multi use kitchen knife. Our founder’s love of food and use of many different types of knifes this is one of his favourites in this must-have kitchen tool. Forged from the highest quality food grade stainless steel, this 12″ Mezzaluna chopper makes kitchen work a breeze.
To easily cut vegetables pumpkin is a breeze, herbs, fruits and cheeses simply place item on a clean cutting surface, grip both of the blade’s handles, and rock the blade back and forth over the goods. Watch as the items are quickly chopped, minced, diced, and shredded.
No more fear of cutting your fingers with a normal chef knife. No more fear of cuts as the live blade is on your chopping board and your hands are clear. Not only does the blade make chopping food easy, but it’s a simple blade to clean. Easily wipe the blade with a warm sponge and soap and water or place it in the dishwasher. Do not leave it in there overnight. When finished dry the knife be careful as the live blade is sharp, the blade fits easily into most drawers after you have applied its safety cover or use the box it came in for storage. The mezzaluna blade is magnetic quality makes it possible to hang on a magnetic knife strip.
There are many blades out there and cheaper too but usually made of very of a lower quality stainless steel. We wanted the best. We got the best. We use 420 grade stainless steel.
Get yours today for your own kitchen. As a gift for a friend that loves to cook or wants to learn how.
GERMAN QUALITY WITH ITALIAN DESIGN. It is the ultimate size for most pizzas and large groups of vegetables and herbs. But even though it’s larger than most competitors, it’s not “too large
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For without you all we would not be the company we are today

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